Quick Tips for Improve your Essay Writing

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Quick Tips for Improve your Essay Writing

  1. Read and edit written

Even if you study English with a teacher, you should definitely check yourself. Edit your text, try to find and correct errors without any help. To make it easier to find a mistake, try the following trick: read the text from the end on one sentence. So you look at your creation with a fresh look and it will be easier to find inaccuracies.

  • Learn the features of writing styles

Before writing any work, decide which style the presentation of your thoughts should go. A business partner cannot write “What’s up?”, But a friend will be surprised by the somewhat outdated and official “How do you do?”, To define the “target audience” of your letter in order to set the tone correctly. We recommend reading our material “Formal and informal English: how to communicate in the office and in the bar” in order to understand how to approach the choice of communication style.

  •  Re-read your old writing

Many English teachers advise you to practice writing in one place: the same notebook, file (if you prefer the keyboard to the pen), a blog, etc. At the same time, you will be able to observe how your skill improves: you write more, use different word forms, more complex grammatical structures. In addition, if you have a mentor who helps to correct mistakes, you will see if the number of misses has decreased. Track your progress is useful: this is an additional motivation to learn English.

  •  Get yourself interested in writing skills.

Make it easier than it seems: write about what is really interesting to you, or about what will benefit you. For example, love poems – participate in discussions on the forum of poetry lovers, adore TV shows – write reviews on them, etc. Do not hesitate to write your opinion on any question that interests you and give the teacher a check.

As you can see, all the tips on how to learn to write in English are very simple, and the techniques described are available to everyone. Practice, work on your mistakes, and your written language will be improved.

Where can I practice writing an essay?

Practice is the key to success in any business, so if you really want to have a good written language, write every day. It doesn’t matter if it is a long essay, a letter to a friend or just a comment on a site, the main thing is to constantly improve your skill. For people who learn English on their own, we want to offer some useful ideas on where to practice writing:

  1.  Write an essay in electronic form on special sites.

Adults often believe that writing essays is the task of schoolchildren, however, if in the future you are going to take an exam, you should not neglect this occupation. In addition, writing an essay will teach you how to structure and logically express your thoughts, because the essay has a clear plan. Want to try to express thoughts in an essay format? Use the resources ReadWriteThink or The Easy Essay, where there are clear instructions for writing each mini section of the essay. That is, you write an essay step by step, practicing writing essays of the desired volume and structure.

  •  Take a letter course

On the Internet you can find free online courses that teach beautiful and competently to write in English. And on some of them they can even check your work. You can find such courses on educational sites, which we wrote about in detail in the review “10 educational platforms: where to get knowledge in English”.

  •  Start a blog in English

This is an excellent training ground for practicing determined people who are not afraid to shine with knowledge on the Internet. Write small posts daily and do not be afraid of discussions: if you are praised – rejoice, scold – learn a lesson from your mistakes and improve further.

  •  Write reviews

Book lovers can write their reviews about the film viewed or read a book. So you can share your opinion with a huge Internet audience, as well as start a discussion with like-minded people.

  •  Leave comments on interesting online materials.

Read news and articles on topics of interest to you on the Internet and leave your comments to them. Write your opinion, discuss with other visitors to the site, etc. So you can practice expressing your point of view and arguing it in writing. And you can also write comments to posts or photos on Instagram or any social network.

  •  Keep a personal diary

If you keep a personal diary, try to make entries in it in English. At the same time, try every day to find new words to express your thoughts, at the time of writing you will remember them, and when you re-read your notes, repeat.