How to make your essay structured well?

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How to make your essay structured well?

Tell the reader what your writing is about. Most often, an essay is not just descriptions. They cannot exist only to tell you something in simple words. As a rule, the author of the essay has a specific goal. Writing can be directed to the fact that the reader changes his mind about a particular issue. A writer may also seek to convince the reader to do something for a specific reason, or to want to shed light on something that is usually misunderstood. He may also want to simply tell a story that would make the reader think. Whatever the intention of the writer, in the introduction he must explain to the reader what the purpose of this essay is. Thanks to this, the reader will be able to understand whether he should read the entire text or not.

If you go back to the example of obesity, you can summarize this: “The purpose of this essay is to analyze current trends in changing the degree of obesity among children around the world and to put forward recommendations to combat this problem.” It will simply and clearly explain what your goal is, and the reader will know exactly what he should expect.

In the essay on holidays, you can continue as follows: “This is a story about a summer spent in Costa Rica. About the summer, which nothing could prevent from turning: neither spider bites, nor rotting plantain, nor guardian.” This will give the reader to understand that he will learn about traveling to another country while revealing the secret of what happened to the writer and what will be discussed in the main part of the essay.

Optionally outline the structure of the essay. Sometimes at the introductory stage, it is important to think about exactly how you plan to achieve your goal. It may be useful to break up the essay into separate distinct parts because it will be easier for the reader to grasp the text. If you are a student or a student, this skill will also be useful to you, because many teachers require it. However, to list all the points in the essay is not worth it.

Adaptation of the introduction to the style of the essay

If in your essay you give some arguments, summarize them in the introduction. There are no two identical essays (apart from cases of plagiarism), but there are general principles that will help you make your essay as effective as you can, no matter what purpose you pursue. For example, if you are trying to convince the reader of something in your essay, it may be helpful for you to summarize your thoughts in the first or first few paragraphs of the introduction. This will help the reader to understand how you will support your thoughts.

For example, if you oppose the introduction of a new sales tax, you can include in the introduction the following phrase: “The proposed tax is regressive and erroneous from a financial point of view. This tax will subject the poor to an unbearable financial burden and will have a negative impact on the local economy. In this essay, evidence will be presented that will dispel all doubts about the incorrectness of such a step.” This will allow the reader to immediately see the essence of the essay, and this will help you in justifying your point of view, from the very first paragraph.

Set the right tone for your writing. The introduction should not only explain what will be discussed but also tell you exactly how you will talk about it. Your writing style is another factor that can attract or alienate the reader. If in the introduction the language is simple, pleasant and appropriate for this topic, your readers will read everything to the end much more readily than if the text is confusing, in it you will jump from topic to topic, and the tone of the story will be non-uniform.

Pay attention to the sentences that we used in the examples above. Both an essay about obesity, and an essay about holidays have their own style, and both texts are written in understandable language that is appropriate for these topics. An essay about obesity is a serious topic and is an analytical text related to a medical problem, so suggestions can be rigorous in the case. Writing about vacations is a fascinating text about amazing adventures that have had a significant impact on the author, so the suggestions are more lightweight, and they contain many interesting details that reflect the author’s desire to get acquainted with the new.