Essential knowledge to write an essay

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Essential knowledge to write an essay

Do you know how to write an essay in English? Not? Then we suggest reading a useful article. How to write an essay? Where to begin? What phrases to use? Let’s start in order.

Where do I have to write an essay in English? Most often, an essay is required in three cases: When passing school exams (EGE); for passing the international English exam (for example, TOEFL or IELTS); when applying for a job (before the interview).

Structure of writing an essay

In any writing, structure, precise sentence structure and logical organization is important. An essay usually consists of the following parts.


In this part you need to declare the problem, clearly articulating it, and the degree of its relevance. The main part Here you express your opinion, single out several arguments and reasoning, supporting in detail your point of view with evidence (from statistics, your own experience, etc.). You also need to declare that there is an opposite point of view and explain why you disagree with it. See also: “How to express agreement or disagreement in the English language.”


A conclusion should be formulated in accordance with the stated problem, it should contain the point of view that you hold, the basic idea that you came to in the process of reasoning. How to start writing an essay? Make an essay plan – summarizing the problem in the introductory part, highlighting several arguments “FOR” and “AGAINST” in the main part and a brief conclusion; think about what arguments you can make in favor of your arguments; Now open up your every thought, add descriptive elements to the sentences, add reasoning; add phrases specific to the essay; check literacy (spelling, punctuation, grammar, writing structure, logic, how fully the communicative task is completed). Main types of essay

Let us examine the main types of essay. The most common are the following:
For and Against Essays, Essay opinion

For & Against Essays – an essay whose main task is to consider two points of view. Before you start writing this type of essay, you need to write on a separate piece of paper all the pros and cons. Also, try not to use an informal style. Express your opinion not emotionally. Use words like “It seems that” or “I therefore feel”.

Useful expressions

At the beginning of an essay, you can use phrases such as: Firstly; First of all; In the first place.

When stating benefits: One / Another / An additional advantage of … is … The main advantage of … is …

When pointing out the shortcomings: One / Another / An additional disadvantage of … is … The greatest / first disadvantage of … is … Another negative aspect of …

Three tips to make your essay the best one

The cobbler has booted, the pastry chef has pastry cakes, the technical student has a drawing and integrals, and the humanities essay and seminars. And do not rush to think that writing an essay is a completely meaningless work that you will never need. Now, when entering any humanitarian university, the teacher will almost immediately demand writing an essay. In this particular, and without explaining what’s what. Or you just missed some of the explanations past the ears. Here we will help you since no one else could or did not want to.

In this article, we will talk about such a compellingly popular literary genre as essay among students. After all, students have to write essays on relevant specialties quite often.

So, here are our practical tips on how to learn how to write an essay and where to start.

An essay is an author’s prose essay of small volume and free composition. The French word essay means “sample.”

The purpose of the essay is to express the author’s thoughts, ideas, and thoughts on a specific topic. For example, you can write an essay on the article, on the product or even about himself. The content of the essay is free and, as we have said, does not pretend to an exhaustive interpretation of the topic. In a way, this is both a literary essay and a philosophical treatise in one bottle.

How to write an essay: basic principles and practical advice?

Let’s say right away: a simple approach to creating an essay is rare and often unacceptable. As a rule, to write an essay, you need to strain your brains. And this is wonderful, dear friends! Agree – it’s nice to feel the freshness in the brain, starting to work with double the power.

Tip one: read other authors essays. This will help you develop your style. After all, an essay is not a dictation, and writing it, if you really want to write well, will require a sense of style from you. According to experts, the style of presentation of a good essay can be characterized as emotional, expressive, artistic.

Tip two: prepare, study the literature on a given topic, comprehend what you read. We have already said that the essay is a creative work and involves the presentation of thoughts on a specific topic. The essay is not addressed to the “teapot”, but to the reader who has at least a minimal idea of ​​the issue under consideration. If it were otherwise, we would have simply drowned in the details. Therefore, in order to write something qualitatively, one should have knowledge of the relevant topic. Formulate theses and arguments.

Tip third: Do not “overload” the essay. Brevity is the soul of wit. We are well aware that everyone has their own style, but too long sentences can be considered a “move” that does not play into your hands.